Group Insurance

DenCo shops the market to find the best solutions for you and your employees, no matter the size of your company. 


A quality employee benefit plan has medical coverage as a conerstone.  It is the most costly benefit for emplooyeers and employees. We research your unique situation regarding employees, and current insurance coverage.  We analyze your company's benefit needs and shop the market, working with all the major health carriers . 


Employees and their family find dental coverage to be a valuable benefit. Employers can use this benefit to help retain and attract good employees.  As we do with medical insurance, we shop the market to tailor coverage the balances affordability and quality care fo employees.  Dental plans can be offered as employer paid, employee paid or a combination.


A very important benefit. These plans offer protection for an employees most valuable asset, their income. This benefit can be offered as a short term and/or long term benefit.  This enefit can be employer and/or employee paid.

Life Insurance

Having life insurance is important for employees at every stage of life. This a a very affordable benefit that an employer can offer to their employees. Employer and/or employee paid options are available.

Section 125 plans

Providing potential tax saving for both employees and employers, this section of the INternal Revenue Code allows employees to designate pretax dollars toward insuranc epremiums , medical and dependent care expenses. These pre-tax dollares are nto subject to Social Security, Federal or State taxes. This lowers an employees tax liability and saves the employer the FICA match. This can be a win-win situation.

Volutary Benefits

To allow employees to further customize insurance to their specific needs, voluntary benefits allow additional flexibility to supplement core coverages.  These plans are usually, but not always, employee paid.